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Local, Friendly, Prompt Pest Control Services

Are you actively seeking local extermination services for a current or ongoing pest problem? Our professional exterminators and pest removal experts are just one phone call away.

Problem Pests

When dealing with pests in your home or business, it's best to call trusted local exterminators with decades of pest removal experience under their belts. We can get rid of the pests no matter what kind they are!

Ongoing Maintenance

Putting preventative pest removal measures in place can and will keep your location and living space pest-free. Our ongoing maintenance services include monthly, every other month, or quarterly visits from our professional exterminators.

Termite Inspections

Genie Pest Control can help all local Realtors and Brokers, VA loans, and provide termite inspections directly for residents and businesses. We're simply the best in town - offering honest results with detailed reporting and quick turnaround times.

Pricing For Residential Pest Control Services

General Pest Control Service

(Includes: crickets, spiders, earwigs, rolly polly, Wasps, etc.)

$120.00 + Tax
Ongoing Maintenance Pricing:

The first ongoing maintenance service fee is $120 + tax upon enrollment. After completing the first service, one of the below service fees will be applied to your account.

Monthly Service
Every Other Month Service
Quarterly Service
Semi-Annual Service

Return trips for recurring or additional pests after treatment may result in an additional charges.

*All ongoing maintenance pricing listed above is subject to tax + service cost.


If a customer is a No Show for Appointment – Outside will be serviced, the ticket will be closed for full price and if they wish us to return for interior spray cost will be $30 + tax. 

House Ants + General Pest Control Service

$135.00 + Tax
Carpenter Ants
$170.00 + Tax

Carpenter Ants + General Pest Control Service

$220.00 + Tax
$155.00 + Tax

Mice + General Pest Control Service

$220.00 + Tax
$155.00 + Tax

Roaches w/Mice

$225.00 + Tax
$170.00 + Tax

Includes: Boxelders, Stinkbugs, Clovermites, Asian Beatles/Lady Bugs.

$175.00 + Tax

Powerspray + General Pest Control Service

$210.00 + Tax
$160.00 + Tax

Moles/Voles + General Pest Control Service

$220.00 + Tax
Mosquito - Monthly
$60.00 + Tax
Pest/Bedbug Inspections
$50.00 + Tax
Bedbug Treatment
Termite Inspections
$90.00 + Tax
Termite Treatment


For Commercial or Multiple-Property pricing, please contact us.

What's Bugging You? Termites Bed Bugs Spiders Fleas Cockroaches Ants Carpenter Ants Mice/Rodents Moles/Voles Silverfish Earwigs Wasps Fruit Flies Crickets  Mosquitos We Can Help!

Do you have a pest problem? Don’t wait for another second to get rid of those annoying pests, insects, or rodents.
Our local exterminators will promptly arrive at your home, business, or managed properties and effectively remove the pest issue.

Pest Control For Residential & Commercial Settings

Pest Control Services For All Locations

Our professional pest removal team is ready to help you get rid of those pesky bugs that are driving you absolutely crazy! With over 30+ years of experience in combating the areas’ toughest pest problems, our licensed exterminators can provide effective solutions for your biggest insect control issues.

Omaha Metro & Surrounding Areas

Our local licensed exterminators are here to provide you with effective pest removal solutions today.

Council Bluffs &
Local Communities

Our exterminators are the best in town when it comes to pest control. We take care of problems quickly and efficiently.

Rural Areas &
Beyond City Limits

We can assist with getting rid of the toughest termites, bed bugs, and pest problems. Reach out to let us know where you are located.

Do You Have Uninvited Guests Keeping You Up At Night?

Try Our Pest Removal Services

Keep your home, condo or apartment peaceful with Genie Pest Control!

$45 per month
Call for details. Some conditions apply.
Not Finding What You're Looking For? No Worries, we can Help!

More About Genie Pest Control

From problem pests to preventive services with our ongoing maintenance or termite inspections we get asked questions all the time regarding our services and processes. See below for a handful of answers, the important then to know at the end of the day is that we’re here when you need us! At Genie Pest Control, we strive to be effective, friendly, and ready to remove pests. 

If you have a problem with pests in your home or business, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 30 years, Genie Pest Control has been providing prompt service at reasonable rates to the greater metropolitan area surrounding Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa. It isn’t enough to just identify pest problems. Our experienced technicians won’t settle for anything less than permanently solving residential and commercial insect control issues. You have our promise to bring the highest level of professionalism and service to every call. You can trust that Genie Pest Control has the expertise and science of insect control covered. Ants, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, termites, rodents and all other types of pests don’t stand a chance.
When you contact Genie Pest Control, you can expect a prompt reply from an experienced, courteous and licensed technician who is ready to listen carefully to your specific concerns. Next, there will be a careful onsite evaluation at a convenient time to examine the specific problems at hand and identify all areas where pests may be entering, hiding and multiplying. Armed with an accurate view of your specific issue, a customized plan of action will be carefully designed and clearly explained. With your approval, our technicians will implement the appropriate solution to your termite and pest control problem and be at the ready to conduct ongoing monitoring and intervention to make sure the problem stays solved, for good.

It’s a simple fact that some pests require more frequent treatment than others and some homes are simply more attractive to pests than are others (location, age, and a condition can affect the degree to which pests can be present). That’s why we have maintenance services in all different timeline offerings. See below for a brief breakdown of options for your home and business.

  • One-Time
    Sometimes, pest-free homes find themselves with an annoying issue such as mice, ants or other insects creeping in and a visit from our team can take care of the problem rather quickly.
  • Monthly
    For more challenging problems or to provide regular maintenance and keep problems at bay, a monthly visit from Genie Pest Control can be a great investment.
  • Quarterly
    A quarterly visit from our termite and bug exterminators is ideal for most of our customers and is an effective way to combat the pests that are inherent to seasonal changes.
  • Annual
    Once a year insect control is always an option, especially if your home or business doesn’t have ongoing issues that require more frequent treatment.

Whether your business needs preventive services or solutions for an ongoing problem, you can count on Genie Pest Control for prompt, reasonably-priced and effective insect control and elimination.

Genie Pest Control provides control and prevention services for all bug and pests you might find in your home or living area. Our friendly and experienced technicians are ready to bring proven pest management recommendations and effective, safe solutions to your biggest problems. Call us today and enjoy pest-free living for you and your family.
As a leader in providing insect exterminator services in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area, Genie Pest Control services a wide range of industries from restaurants, healthcare facilities, housing, and rental units and everything in between. Whether your business needs preventive services or solutions for an ongoing problem, you can count on us for prompt and effective pest elimination.

Yes, we service most towns in the Omaha and Council Bluffs metro area. Call the office and we’ll verify for sure if we can help in your area! (712) 325-0808

Whether your business needs preventive services or solutions for an ongoing problem, you can count on Genie Pest Control for prompt, reasonably-priced and effective insect control and elimination. Call us today and enjoy pest-free living for you, your family, and your company: Council Bluffs (712) 325-0808 or Omaha (402) 346-7810.

Regular Pest Control Is A Must For Keeping Your Home, Business Or Properties Pest-Free!

Our local exterminators can ensure the right pest preventative measures are in place keeping those annoying seasonal pests, insects, and rodents away.

Premiere Local Pest Control & Exterminator Solutions Services

What You Can Expect With Genie Pest Control

Genie Pest Control professionals are not only experts at extermination services, they are also friendly, clean, polite, great listeners and customer-focused. They will take the time to not just assess the pest problem, but also talk through the solutions at hand and the best ways to meet your ongoing bug control needs as a home or business owner.

We take the worry out of termite and insect control by sending only our most qualified technicians to your home or business. Genie Pest Control security screens employees to ensure your protection and use only licensed pest management technicians who have a deep knowledge of the regulatory requirements for businesses with regard to bug control, sanitation, and other related issues.

When having a pest problem, you need solutions now. Genie Pest Control has knowledgeable exterminators who are ready to quickly respond to your home or business needs at a time that works best for you. A prompt appointment and an on-time response to your call is our promise to you. The longer it takes to assess and attack the problem, the more time pests have to set up residence in your home or office. We’ll be there when you need us to put an end to your pest control concerns.

Have Bed Bugs?

No matter how careful you are, bed bugs can find a way into your Omaha or Council Bluffs home and create havoc. If they do, call Genie Pest Control at Call us today and view or download our Bedbug treatment preparation checklist to get started. 

Enjoying a pest-free living for you, your family, and your company. Call (712) 325-0808 or (402) 346-7810 upon the first signs of any pests. We’ll find the most effective and expedient way to rid them for good.

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