Omaha pest control tips like ways to reduce ant problems in your kitchen

An Open Pest Invitation: How Omaha Residents Attract Ants Into Their Home

As fascinating as ants are to study, few Omaha residents actually wish to have them in or around their homes, apartments or businesses. Ants can cause everything from minor annoyance as they build their tunnels and mounds on properties, to causing food contamination or inflicting painful bites.

With hundreds of ant species and several actually living and thriving in our Omaha area, you may be dealing with more than one of these types of pests. Genie Pest Control advises Omaha homeowners daily of ways to reduce ants in the home. See below for several recommendations you can take action on today.

Common Ways Adults and Kids Invite Ants Without Realizing It

We realize that many local and national residents may be performing some of these common tasks without being aware. If you are, don’t worry, we don’t judge! We would encourage that you ensure, sooner rather than later, you correct these behaviors if they are present in your home. This will assist you in reducing the visitation of ants into your Omaha home while also keeping your environment sanity.

Put All Bread Loaves Away and Clean Up All Crumbs

Ants will enter your home to satisfy their basic need for food and water. And, out of all the foods offered by humans, ants love bread. They are so appreciative when you leave those convenient to carry crumbs for them to carry back to the colony. They are so thankful they go back to their colony and let their friends know which results in not just one ant, but potentially 20-100 ants or more.
If you wish to avoid getting ants, specifically in your kitchen, our extermination technicians suggest making it a habit to not leave out foods like loaves of bread (our recommendation, pop the bread into the fridge or a sealable bread container).

In addition, cleaning up the bread crumbs left behind after you make that next sandwich will bring not only a sparkling clean counter, but it will prevent ants and other pests from coming to visit your kitchen.

Clean All Surfaces Where Food Has Been Served

Ants are not picky eaters. When the opportunity arises, they will take whatever food is being offered. Our extermination technicians suggest making it an ongoing habit to wipe down all countertops and surfaces where food is prepared and consumed. This will prevent the ants from coming to enjoy your leftovers after your meal ends. Some small habits of keeping your home clean, putting all food away, and clearing those tiny little crumbs can deliver you peace of mind while reducing the chance that ants will make your home a target.

Clean Dirty Dishes Quickly

The one thing our pest control experts know for sure is that ants are not picky about where they eat either. In fact, they are more than happy to find a happy trail right over to the sink where you may have left food debris. When Omaha ants find dirty dishes, especially ones that have gooey leftovers, they are in heaven and will go out of their way to let their colony residents know where the goods are located. If you have a dishwasher, see if you can tuck those dishes into the washer right after you eat so you don’t have to think twice about ants or other Omaha pests. If for some reason you prefer to hand wash the dishes, but don’t have time to do the chore, simply run the dish under hot water and give it a quick and easy rinse.

Empty Your Trash Quickly and Often

Ants love to forage in the trash left behind, and they don’t care if you live in a house, apartment, or if you’re in a business location. Another surefire way to entice ants is to let garbage, especially trash with discarded food, pile up in your home or business. Most Omaha residents that live in a residential living space pile up trash bags inside the kitchen or hallway and leave them there until trash day. This leaves it tempting for the ants to march their little legs into your kitchen area and harvest for a day or several days until the trash is picked up.

Our Omaha pest extermination pros recommend taking your kitchen trash outside and placing it into an enclosed or designated trash receptacle. This will ensure the ants stay outside and enjoy their snacks and dinner versus them indulging in your home or business.

Our Exterminators Services Can Erase Every Ants In Your Omaha Home

No matter what you do in your home, with or without food and sanity habits, we recommend calling our Omaha exterminators at Genie Pest Control at the first sign of ant activity. Ideally, we suggest planning ahead and having us come on-site just at the start of the ant season to ensure there is not an ant problem in the first place; however, we realize with busy schedules that sometimes pest control services can be put on the bottom of the to-do list. It’s never too late to get rid of ants, so call us and we will get to work!

Let us bring peace of mind to your home by calling (402) 346-7810. We have several pest control services that can assist you in keeping the pests away all year long.

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