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Uninvited guests in the form of Asian lady bugs may enter your home through cracks, open doors, and broken window screens seeking warmth on cold days.

Don’t be fooled by their cute appearance – Asian lady bugs may not do much damage to your home, but they can still cause a nuisance with their gnarly bite, stain marks on surfaces, and unpleasant, yellow-colored smell. Known for crawling or flying around rooms, this pesky insect will make itself home in your living space in no time.

If you see signs of an infestation, the first step to eliminate the problem is to contact us for an inspection. Our highly skilled, friendly exterminators can provide effective and safe pest removal to help end any infestation of unwelcome pests, especially Asian ladybugs.

Hire Our Exterminators For An Effective Solution To Your Asian Lady Bug Problem

Our highly skilled pest removal professionals can take care of any pesky problem and make sure those Asian ladybugs stay away! Our expert exterminators have the experience and pest control solutions to eliminate any pest infestation. Put your mind at ease by booking our reliable pest removal services today.

Important FAQ About Asian Lady Bugs In Your Area

When it’s time to switch from outdoor living in the summertime, Asian lady beetles begin their search for cozy winter quarters. Think of the coolness of autumn or when a faint chill appears in the rain; this is when this pest will start searching for a warm and cozy home!

Fun fact: In warmer months, these hardy little bugs (Asian lady bugs) take refuge in forests, fields, and backyards as part of their seasonal migration.

Keep these annoying pests out of your home or living space by hiring our extermination services ahead of the season. Has winter already arrived in your area? Our friendly pest removal experts can help eliminate Asian lady bugs from your Omaha, Council Bluffs, or surrounding area home!

Protecting your home from roaming Asian lady bugs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. At Genie Pest Control, we recommend taking a proactive approach to pest prevention, especially when it comes to Asian lady beetles!

To prevent Asian lady bugs from making your house their “home,” effectively tackle the following:

  1. Caulk all cracks around windows and doors
  2. Seal all crevices around wires and pipes
  3. Replace all damaged screens
  4. Ensure that all doors and screens remain tight
  5. Hire a local exterminator to service entry points of your home effectively

You can do these five things to prevent and keep Asian lady bugs out of your space!

If you wish to avoid the stress of worrying about bugs infesting your home, our friendly exterminators can service your home monthly, every other month, quarterly, or semi-annual. Contact us for more details about our ongoing maintenance program.

With Genie Pest Control, you can be sure your unique situation is taken care of, and the Asian lady bugs stay out of your home! Our experienced exterminators are trained to apply the right pest control and removal solutions at just the right time so you don’t have to worry about this little pest invading your home.

Stay one step ahead of the Asian lady beetle invasion! Get proactive protection with our ongoing maintenance program. Contact us, and rest assured that your home will stay safe from pesky pests.

At Genie Pest Control, we know that pests can create additional stress; that’s why our talented pest removal team is eager to help you with your Asian lady bug problem as quickly as possible. We promise that our professional exterminators will be there as soon as possible when it comes time to eliminate your unique pest problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office at (402) 346-7810 for Omaha or (712) 325-0808 for Council Bluffs or the surrounding area to discuss the exact availability of pest control services in your area.

Our affordable and reliable pest control services for removing Asian lady bugs starts at $95+. This pricing is based on the property size. If you want to enroll in our ongoing maintenance program, this pricing may change based on how frequently you would like us to visit your home or business location.

Call our office at (402) 346-7810 for Omaha or (712) 325-0808 for Council Bluffs or the surrounding area for exact cost ideas to discuss your Asian lady bugs situation and property details.

If an Asian lady bug has made it into your home, a do-it-yourself removal will not be an effective solution. While you might be successful in a catch and release of one, the truth is, if one caught a ride into your home via clothing, a purse, or a box that someone carried or shipped into your home, there are more than likely many others you have not seen as of yet.

Suppose you need to get rid of Asian lady bugs. In that case, we recommend letting one of our friendly pest removal professionals help get your home back to being pest-free from unwanted visitors like Asian lady bugs. Call us at (402) 346-7810 for Omaha or (712) 325-0808 for Council Bluffs or the surrounding area, or drop us a line on our contact us page.

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