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Banishing Bugs – 5 Things To Do If You Find Bed Bugs

Homeowners should be able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in their own homes. However, if you suspect that you are sharing your bed with unwanted visitors, it can lead to a long stretch of stressful, sleepless nights. Although bed bug’s bites are relatively harmless and don’t spread disease, they are persistent little pests that can make your life very uncomfortable if you fail to take action quickly.

At Genie Pest Control, we understand what a nuisance bed bugs can be. Luckily, using the right approach, tools, and skills, bed bugs can safely be eliminated from your home by our team of bed bug removal experts at Genie Pest Control. To take control of the situation immediately, here are five simple steps that you can take if you find bed bugs in your home. Following these tips will help you minimize the bed bugs spreading to other areas of your home and put your mind at ease.

Don’t Panic!

Finding bed bugs in your home can be an unnerving experience. But, before you start throwing out everything you own, take a breath and don’t panic! With the right intervention, bed bugs can safely be removed from your home for good. Most of your belongings can be treated and won’t need to be thrown out. Get in touch with our bed bug removal experts who are happy to talk you through the next steps.

Remove Any Unnecessary Clutter

Bed bugs love cluttered homes as they can find more places to hide and evade detection. If you have found bed bugs in a particular room of your home, you should remove any personal items that are not ordinarily kept in that room. Pay special attention to belongings such as soft toys, stuffed animals, blankets, cushions, and electronics. Place the items in a sealed plastic bag to prevent the bed bugs from hitching a ride to other areas of your home.

Inspect your Furniture

Bed bugs like to hide in dresser drawers, so be sure to start by emptying the drawers of all contents and removing the drawers. Check them thoroughly, along with the rest of the unit. Make sure to thoroughly turn the furniture upside down and clean any potential hiding spots. Now is also an excellent time to move all f your furniture in the infested room away from the walls, as the tiny spaces between the walls and furniture make good hideouts for bed bugs.

Dismantle Your Bed Frames

Our bed bug removal team at Genie Pest Control advises homeowners who find bed bugs in their bed to dismantle the bed frames so they can be cleaned thoroughly. If you have a timber or metal bed frame, you will be able to disassemble it easily and clean all the surfaces thoroughly. If you have a box spring bed, simply separate the mattress and the box spring and take a close look with a flashlight. Pay close attention to buttons, handles, or any other small areas that might make good hiding places.

Call In The Experts As Soon As Possible For A Bed Bug-Free Home

One of the biggest mistakes most people make when it comes to bed bugs is not calling in professional help soon enough. Bed bugs can be challenging to eliminate without professional assistance, and with these pesky pests, the sooner you take action, the better. Failing to act fast will allow the bed bugs to spread easily through your home, making life very uncomfortable for your family. If you suspect you have bed bugs, contact our bed bug removal experts at genie Pest Control immediately. Through our team’s skills and expertise, we will safely eliminate bed bugs from your home, allowing you to get back to enjoying your home free of any unwanted visitors. In the meantime, here is a bed bug treatment preparation checklist to assist you for our visit.

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