____  1.  Remove all clutter from rooms; discard cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bags, old newspapers and magazines.

____  2.  Strip bed(s) and place bedding, extra sheets, pillowcases, mattress pads, blankets, and stuffed animals in a sealed trash bag for washing prior to service. * Do not place anything on the mattress.

____  3.  Empty nightstands, dressers, bookshelves, and place in plastic bags before our scheduled service so furniture may be treated. Do not replace these items until treatment has been completed,

____  4.  Remove all posters, pictures or anything else that is on the walls and inspect thoroughly for any bedbug activity.

____  5.  Move all furniture 18” away from walls, Leave enough room to be able to flip and treat all furniture

____  6.  Remove all switch plate covers and outlet covers in the affected rooms.

____  7.  Vacuum the room, including the crack along the baseboards where they meet the carpet, thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed bag.

____  8.  All people and pets must be kept away from the treated areas until dry. (approximately 4 hours)

____  9.  Do not unpack until all bedbugs are gone. This may take 3 or more weeks

*IMPORTANT NOTES: When laundering, you must use hot water and dry using the hottest setting, for at least 45 minutes. Prior to discarding any infested furniture, speak with a technician for the proper disposal methods. Beds should not be pushed up against the walls and should be kept a minimum of 1 to 2 feet from the walls for the first thirty (30) days following the treatment. Before replacing any bagged items, the tenant should inspect for pest activity. If activity is found in clothing, wash again using hot water and detergent, or dry clean.

When you return, please be sure all treated areas are completely dry before you begin to place items back into cabinets and drawers. DO NOT CLEAN CABINETS OR DRAWERS AFTER TREATMENT FOR 14 DAYS as bleach and cleaners tend to neutralize the effectiveness of the products we are using. DO NOT SPRAY PESTICIDES. They will counteract the products we are using and make the problem worse. The products we use are designed to be slow acting so the insects will transfer the product deep into their nesting area. Please be advised that the process of eliminating pests safely may take several services to completely eliminate all insects.

 Download the full bedbug treatment preparation checklist here!