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Our effective, local exterminators can help you get rid of carpenter ants! If you’re experiencing any signs that carpenter ants, it’s important to contact our carpenter ant exterminators. We’re effective at eliminating the most stubborn carpenter ant infestations quickly. 

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Do you think you have carpenter ants at your home or office location? Genie Pest Control is one of the most effective exterminators at getting rid of carpenter ants in homes, apartments, business offices, and industrial locations. Our friendly, highly-skilled exterminators can help determine the best pest control treatment solutions just for your location so the damage to your property or location can stop immediately. Schedule your inspection so our carpenter ant exterminators can help get rid of those irritating and damaging carpenter ants once and for all!

Carpenter Ant Exterminators in Omaha, NE & Council Bluffs, IA & The Surrounding Areas

We know that carpenter ants can be a real pain. The good news is our highly-skilled exterminators can help get rid of them, stopping any additional unnecessary damage. When you partner with our friendly, effective, local pest control experts, you’ll not only get answers, but you’ll get effective and efficient pest removal services. That means, no more annoying carpenter ants back anytime soon, and, you’ll experience peace of mind once again. Whether you need help with a small or large carpenter ant problem, contact us to get a deep-rooted solution.

Important FAQ About Carpenter Ants In Your Area

To the surprise of many home residents or business locations, carpenter ants are not solely responsible for the damage within the property. Instead, they’re one species among many that invade and cause significant structural damage, such as galleries where nest-building occurs. These tunnels serve as means by which other ant types or insects like termites excavate food sources from outside or inside properties (depending on how much space you’ve given them).
These moisture-seeking insets find their way into homes and office locations through water-damaged structural wood. If carpenter ants find their way inside structures made of structural wood (which happens more often than people think), there could be severe problems for homeowners or business locations.
Carpenter ants can be found anywhere there is wood. They’re usually found around dead trees, fence posts, and other materials where their queens (ants who lay eggs) live out the rest of their days until springtime comes along again next year! These pests can also travel indoors if they find an opening or crevice. Some of the typical spots include: Behind wall voids in the drywall Between panels on flooring such as carpet and hardwood floors Inside cabinet doors – especially ones with light-colored finishes, make them easier targets
Look no further than Genie Pest Control! We are the answer to all your carpenter ant infestation issues. For over 30 years, our professional exterminators have been providing effective pest control services in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding areas.
There is not a one-size-fits-all price when it comes to pest control services for carpenter ant infestations. The investment in carpenter ant removal services will depend on several factors. It’s recommended to schedule one of our highly-skilled exterminations to come to do an inspection. After our exterminator completes your inspection, a price will be provided for treatment.
Genie Pest Control exterminators are eager to quickly provide you with an effective solution. We understand that time is virtual when you identify carpenter ants within your home or business location. Our friendly team can offer you over-the-phone scheduling to get one of our professional exterminators booked to review your existing carpenter ant infestation.
You may think that do-it-yourself pest control is a good idea, but the sprays and ant control products available ‘over the counter’ can be very dangerous for you, and, in most cases, they are ineffective. Plus, just applying a spray to what you see at the moment doesn’t tackle the whole issue. The key to professionally exterminating carpenter ants once and for all is identifying where the carpenter ants are nesting and determining how these insects gain entrance into homes, along with applying an effective solution! Honestly, the best way to get rid of carpenter ants is by consulting an expert.
The truth is, you cannot truly get rid of carpenter ants without professional exterminating help! Our highly-skilled exterminators can use several effective pest removal techniques to find all the nesting areas and eradicate any queens (including eggs) that may still be present in or near structures. Our friendly carpenter ant removal experts will also provide suggestions for fixing structural problems around your home or office so the carpenter ants can no longer invade your property.
The Carpenter ant is a pesky insect that likes to nest in wood. It’s important to know that carpenter ants don’t just take up residence for fun. They typically love living outside and enter a home or office location through an opportunity such as a crack around windows and doors and small openings. Once they find themselves inside, they get to work looking for access to food, bedding, or water sources like pipes. If they find one of these or ALL of them, they will start building nests that become larger over time.
These ants are often mistaken for termites due to their similar form and coloration. They have six legs, a constricted waistline with three body regions (headworker+, abdomen), and an unusual band of hairs near the abdominal region, which serves as a warning sign when threatened by predators and gives them away when you see one up close. It’s important to know that carpenter ants are not afraid and will often stay focused at work if one attempts to disrupt their efforts. The carpenter ant is one of the many pests that can enter and often invade your home or office location. However, unlike other pest species such as termites, which eat through wood and cause extensive damage, carpenter ants don’t extract any nutrients from the wood substance. Instead, they are removing pieces of wood from the structure for tunneling purposes which can leave behind an empty space. If the carpenter ant finds the hole they created ideal, they’ll set up camp and build a nest.

It’s important to know that carpenter ants will be on the lookout for food and a crack that they can enter. With knowing that, here are a handful of things you can do on your end to assist in preventing this damaging insect from entering your area:

  • Place woodpiles away from the house or office location and remove any organic debris that could be a water source for them
  • Make sure outdoor trash cans are far away from your home or office. If you opt to have them near your entrance, do not have gaps near exterior walls where they can enter through cracks or crevices in order
  • Seal all window cracks with the appropriate caulk
  • If there is a leaking pipe outdoors or inside at all within range of your home or office building, our exterminators recommend sealing it immediately so no more leaks
  • Clean up any spills of beverages or foods immediately outdoors or within your living areas
  • Sign up for one of our ongoing maintenance packages, allowing one of our friendly exterminators to visit your location monthly, quarterly, or annually to apply specific pest prevention solutions
We don’t recommend touching a or multiple carpenter ants. As with any insect, rodent, or pest, if you attempt to connect them just cause, they may bite or sting. While a bite from a carpenter ant is not poisonous, it can be painful.
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Carpenter ants are a huge hassle for homeowners, businesses, and even at times pest control experts.

If you live in the Omaha, NE area or anywhere around Council Bluffs IA, and surrounding areas it’s likely that carpenter ants have made their way to your property or a location in your area. These pesky pests can be hard to get rid of because once they find a place where food sources exist there’s no stopping them! That is Genie Pest Control offers professional extermination services for those needing help getting rid of carpenter ants. Scheduling an inspection today will provide peace of mind in knowing what pest control treatment plan might be needed to stop any additional damage to your property or location.

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