Closing Your Omaha Home to Stink Bug Invasion

Stink bugs. Funny name, big problem, especially for some areas of the United States. The Omaha area happens to be one location where stink bugs have decided to set up housekeeping. This invasive species not only has taken to midwest living; it seems they really like it here, and as our exterminator technicians often reference, they are determined to stay.

Stink bugs are active most often during the spring, summer and fall seasons, although they are hearty enough to survive into winter, as well. It seems these invasive pests have found their perfect climate right here in our own Omaha homes and backyards.

What Does a Stink Bug Look Like?

You’ve likely seen a stink bug if you live in or near Omaha. They are almost as wide as they are long, with legs extending from their sides. They have a somewhat geometric, shield-like appearance and can reach up to 2 cm in length. Homeowners may find stink bugs on the siding of their homes or flying into and toward windows. As you may have guessed, and our insect control technicians at Genie Pest Control can tell you, they emit a foul odor when they are swatted.

Mature stink bugs can fly very well and may be green, brown or gray in color. The ones most often found here are actually the brown marmorated stink bug, featuring lighter bands on the antennae and darker bands of color on the wings. They prefer to feed on plants, sucking the moisture from leaves, plants, and roots. If there is one redeeming quality, it is that they lack the anatomy to pierce human skin like mosquitoes and flies.

What Harm Do Stink Bugs Do?

Aside from their offensive odor, stink bugs can wreak havoc on outdoor plants, especially fruit-bearing trees or garden plants. They can be serious pests in farms, gardens, and orchards. In an Omaha or Iowa home, they are mostly unwelcome because of their propensity to flock to light sources, flying into windows and emitting their offensive, stinky odor if they are swatted or smashed.

Ways to Minimize or Eliminate Stink Bug Activity in Your Omaha Home, Yard or Garden

As residential pest control professionals, we can tell you that stink bugs are not only hearty, but they are here to stay in our region. To minimize their activity, eliminate unnecessary light sources such as patio lighting, porch lights, or landscape lighting that can provide the warmth these insect pests are craving.

Inside the home, store fruit and vegetables in containers that do not allow stink bugs to congregate and feast. In gardens, being attentive to removing rotting or fallen produce and fruit is a necessary activity. Stink bugs are especially fond of tomatoes.

Like other insects, stink bugs also prefer to live and breed around a reliable water source. Be certain that exterior faucets are checked for leaks and that interior pipes (like those under sinks or in basement utility areas) are in good repair.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Stink Bugs is to Call the Professionals at Genie Pest Control

With years of exterminator services under our belt, we can confidently say there are few do-it-yourself remedies effective in battling and eliminating stink bugs. Whether you find them in your Omaha home or garden or are protecting an entire orchard, it takes professional pest control intervention and a customized extermination plan to rid yourself of these literal stinkers. Please resist the urge to swat them (trust us on this one), then give us a call at (402) 346-7810.

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