For every pest control need and for businesses in every industry, Genie Pest Control is the best choice to diagnose, solve and monitor unwelcome pest problems.

Keep your commercial property protected against pests

Our Exterminators Keep Commercial Properties Protected Against Pest Invasions & Infestations

We’re the pest control company that local companies rely on to resolve annoying pest and rodent issues quickly and affordably. We offer cost-effective pest removal and pest control solutions that get results every time! If your business is in Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs, IA, or the surrounding areas, our extermination team can help! Genie Pest Control is known for addressing pest infestations, successfully implementing one-time treatments, and providing consistent, ongoing pest prevention maintenance. Our highly-skilled, friendly, professional exterminators do what is necessary to keep your office location, industrial property, or buildings pest-free.

A Tailored Approach For Your Business Needs

In order to maintain a safe and clean working environment, it is important to have an effective pest control plan in place. Our professional exterminators will provide a tailored approach based on your current pest situation and property size and space.

On-Time & Ongoing Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective pest removal solutions based on the current situation. Once the issue is successfully addressed, we can enroll your business in one of our maintenance plans to keep your commercial property free of unexpected pests or infestations.

Quick Response Times With Friendly Staff

If there's an infestation at your office or business location, our exterminators will arrive quickly to address these annoying pests or rodents with an effective pest elimination solution. Our goal is to ensure your business is not interrupted longer than necessary.

Bring your toughest Omaha or Council Bluffs commercial pest control problems to Genie Pest Control. Our friendly exterminators will arrive promptly and provide top-notch pest management and control services.

Does your business need help getting rid of annoying pests? You can Trust our professional exterminators

The cost of ignoring a pest issue can be high. Without a regular maintenance plan for your commercial property, there’s always the possibility that you will have to deal with unexpected pests and infestations. We recommend hiring professional Omaha exterminators like us to perform preventative maintenance ahead of any problem pest issues!

There are many unique challenges in pest control that come with both residential and commercial properties. Commercial buildings usually have more traffic, which can make controlling pests difficult; additionally, most regulations for maintaining an environment free of insect life require strict guidelines to be met – something not usually seen at homes or farms where there’s less foot traffic (and thus easier access).

There are also some federal or health regulations pertaining to certain commercial buildings (restaurants etc) that require a pest-free environment.

Genie Pest Control works with all types of businesses; from restaurants to mechanics, churches to bowling alleys, insurance offices to apartment buildings. Each business poses unique challenges so it’s best to call a professional.

Some businesses such as the restaurant industry have specific regulations on the type of pest control that can be performed, so always check with your pest control company that they are qualified for commercial pest control.

Commercial pest control companies provide businesses with the necessary tools and resources to maintain a safe and healthy environment. From insect control to certain wildlife removal, Genie Pest Control can address a broad range of issues quickly and effectively. By using safe and effective chemicals, our commercial pest control company will help you get back to business as soon as possible.

Do You Have Uninvited Guests Keeping You Up At Night?

Try Our Pest Removal Services

Keep your home, condo or apartment peaceful for as low as
$45 per month
Call for details. Some conditions apply.
Do You Have Uninvited Guests Keeping You Up At Night?

Try Our Pest Removal Services

Keep your home, condo or apartment peaceful with Genie Pest Control!

$45 per month
Call for details. Some conditions apply.
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