The familiar sound of crickets can be welcome if you are sitting around a campfire on a spring or fall evening. However, when these pests come inside your Council Bluffs home or Omaha office building to warm up and decide to stay, the incessant chirping of this insect is anything but welcome.

Call Genie Pest Control to Rid Your Home or Office of Crickets

In the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa areas, there are a few types of crickets that are commonly found here. Each species are noisy and unwelcome insects that Genie Pest Control is prepared to help eliminate so that you can enjoy a chirp-free home or workplace.

Common Types of Crickets in the Omaha/Council Bluffs Area
  • House Crickets: Don’t take their name too literally. They prefer to live outside, but when cooler temperatures hit our region, they will come into homes and offices to find a warm place to hide out. They are light brown in color, like to chirp at night and rest during the day and enjoy feasting on anything from paper, clothing (silk or wool is especially attractive for house crickets) or food.
  • Field Crickets: These are the crickets you are most familiar with. They are shiny, black, large and noisy. They invite themselves into your home during the fall and love to spend the warm nights inside singing loudly to attract their shiny black mates.
  • Mole Crickets: This cricket variety lives around and burrows in yards. They can cause lawn damage and even be attractive to rodent predators or raccoons looking for a tasty insect meal.
Tips to Keep Crickets Out of Your Home or Workplace

It really is like a sign of the season when you start to see and hear the signs of unwelcome insects like crickets. There are a few things you can do to minimize their migration into your home or office building such as:

  • Make sure all debris around the perimeter of your home or office is clear.
  • Clean gutters and clear all fall debris.
  • Do not store firewood against your home’s foundation.
  • Do a visual inspection for entry points and caulk or repair where needed to keep crickets from finding a way to get in.
Professional Insect Control Services For Omaha & Council Bluffs

Even with the best debris control and planning, crickets can and will get into your home or workplace. Your best defense against the annoyance of these seasonal insects, in your Omaha home or Council Bluffs office, is a professional pest extermination service like Genie Pest Control.

Got Crickets? Call Genie Pest Control at (712) 325-0808 or at (402) 346-7810 to do periodic insecticide prevention inside and outside of your home or office. Using sprays that are both safe and effective, we’ll keep the chirping, annoying crickets at bay so you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful fall.


You can expect an ongoing commitment to responding to and resolving your pest control problems when you need us, how often you need us. Take a moment to read the reviews from our satisfied clients and learn more about Genie Pest Control. We are excited to help you stay on top of pest control for your home or business.