Do you have an infestation of earwigs in your home or office? If so, it’s recommended to hire a local exterminator for a professional approach. Our highly-skilled exterminators at Genie Pest Control will eliminate earwigs from your property or location promptly and safely before the population of earwigs gets out of control.
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Earwigs are fascinating creatures that live in your house, office, and all environments’ sewage systems. Our local exterminators know just how annoying earwigs can be that’s why we specialize in eliminating earwigs promptly and effectively! If you have an earwig infestation at your property, it’s vital to hire a highly-skilled pest removal company, like Genie Pest Control, who has in-depth experience in earwig removal. We’ve successfully provided pest removal services for earwigs in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and the surrounding areas for 30+ years.

Our pest control professionals can help you eliminate earwigs in your home or office

Have you seen a strange insect scurrying across your floor? If so, you might have Earwigs! Contact our local exterminators who can effectively and safely eliminate these annoying insects before they spread. With our highly-skilled exterminators, you and your location will be back to normal quickly.

Important FAQ About Earwigs In Your Area

At Genie Pest Control, we’re known for our prompt response times and effective pest control solutions. If you believe you have an earwig infestation, we recommend contacting us immediately. We’ll coordinate schedules and be able to provide you with a time and date one of our local exterminators can arrive at your home or office location.
Yes! When it comes to earwigs, many believe if they catch or kill one earwig, they are good to go. If you have an earwig infestation, you’ll need the help of a highly-skilled exterminator sooner rather than later.
Earwigs are attracted to outdoor areas with cool, dark, and moist hiding spots. They love gardens and firewood piles as this provides them protection and ideal breeding ground. Our professional exterminators recommend cleaning up any landscaping elements or firewood piles near the foundation to avoid them coming into your home or office. Earwigs are pesky creatures, and they can be found anywhere! If you notice an earwig near the home or office foundation, clean up any landscaping elements that might attract them (i.e., firewood piles). Also, our exterminators recommend you secure all possible entry points to prevent future infestation inside your home or office.
Earwigs are tiny creatures that live in the darkness of our homes and offices, blending into cracks and crevices. They like to hide out under rocks or logs when it’s cold. When indoors, you can find them within dirty laundry that sits for a while or even in specific books or your bathroom near the tub or sink. Earwigs will show themselves if there is enough moisture, so if you have a cold, dreary, rainy day, you might glimpse one or multiple earwigs.

Install gutters, spouts, or rain barrels: Earwigs love the moisture in your home or office and will do anything to get inside. You can prevent an earwig infestation by installing gutters, spouts, or rain barrels so they cannot reach places where there’s more than just water vapor- which includes any cracks on walls near windows that lead outside as well!

Seal those cracks: Fill up all cracks, holes, and crawlspace spaces with caulking. This helps keep those annoying earwigs out and all the other problems pests that love to get in your home or office like termites, carpenter ants, spiders, etc.

Keeping this annoying pest away is to dry your outdoor furniture cushions regularly. This type of problem pests love the moisture between cushions as it is dark, musky, and outdoor furniture can add a layer of protection.
While earwigs might seem scary at first glance due to their insectile appearance (they have eight legs), earwig bites are rare. While this problem pest is not dangerous, so to speak, it can emit an unpleasant odor when threatened or crushed. Earwigs are small insects with long, slender bodies and “cerci” (which means antennae) that stick out from underneath their heads like big ears – this helps them find food! The cerci also function as protection against predators or when fighting other earwig species at night time.
Earwigs are tiny creatures that live in the soil. When it gets cold, they want to find somewhere safe where there’s food and warmth so their body can recover from wintering conditions. Once they find a comfy place to hibernate, they’ll stay there throughout winter. The earwigs start to come out of their slumber just in time for the breeding season.
The earwigs, being nocturnal and preferring to stay hidden until nighttime comes around when they can feed on plants or vegetation. The autumn is a busy time for earwigs as they start to mating and lay eggs. Female earwigs lay up 80 eggs which will be cared for until it’s hatching season! The nymphs develop through an incomplete metamorphosis before becoming independent creatures that can feed on their own. The earwig is a quick developer. It takes just twenty days for eggs to hatch and grow into adults, where they can live another year!
Earwigs are typically not afraid of anything. In fact, they are their appearance can often drive humans into fear. This problem pest will not go out of its way to attack or bite you; however, it will immediately release an odor if it feels threatened or a human attempts to touch it. Your indoor or outdoor plants are entirely different, as baby earwigs love eating plants!
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If you’ve seen an earwig, you’ll know it. They are often known for giving people the heebie-jeebies as they move fast and look scarier than a spider. If you’ve seen one earwig, you’ve got multiple earwigs! We highly recommend you contact us to schedule an inspection before they multiple or go into hybridization for the winter.

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