Omaha Property Managers Have Big Responsibilities Keeping Pests at Bay Doesn’t Have to be One of Them

Effective Residential Pest Control Services in Omaha and Council Bluffs

Homeowners in the Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa areas are unique. The places where we make our homes are known for the variety of seasons, rapidly changing weather, and the friendly, hard-working people who live here.

Eastern Nebraska and western Iowa region are known for its fair share of residential pests that can cause everything from minor irritation to serious damage to the very places where we live and play. Whether you’ve lived here for a lifetime or are new to this area, Genie Pest Control has years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers who would say, “no one knows midwest extermination control like the folks at Genie Pest Control.”

Types of Residential Extermination Services Available from Genie Pest Control

For most of us, even the smallest, least destructive types of pests are unwelcome visitors in our homes. After all, they are called “pests,” not guests! Genie Pest Control would say there is no pest in the home that is too small or insignificant to justify safe, effective and affordable residential pest control management.

Crawling, Chirping and Flying Pests

Things like spiders that build their webs in the corners of your home or crickets that chirp non-stop or the fruit flies that follow you home from the produce aisle may not seem like huge problems. What about earwigs or silverfish that carry a big “ick” factor but realistically cause little or minor damage around the home?

Some crawling pests, like cockroaches, are more than just a minor irritant to be ignored. These nocturnal creatures can spread disease and contaminate foods; if left unchecked cockroaches can rapidly multiply and become very difficult to eliminate. Ants are also culprits of potential food contamination as they trail through your home and some varieties can even deliver a nasty bite.

Flying insects are other residential pests that we encounter in our area. House flies land on our food and faces after laying eggs in piles of feces (eww!). Mosquitos are known carriers of serious diseases. Wasps are aggressive, stinging flying insects that can build huge nests around your home if left unchecked. If that doesn’t have you itching, then we should talk about bedbugs and fleas that can bite and cause serious skin irritation and even illness.

Mice, Rats, Moles, and Voles

Genie Pest Control can also help homeowners get a handle on pests like mice or rats which are known to be carriers of the disease. These hearty rodents have survived thousands of years and have the means to multiply and wreak havoc in residential homes. External rodent pests like moles and voles can cause extensive property damage to Omaha and Council Bluffs area homes if left to their tunneling, burrowing ways.

Chewing, Destructive Insects

Our extermination professionals also provide effective services to diagnose and manage those pests that can really cause a lot of structural damage in a short amount of time. From carpenter ants to full-blown termite infestations, our professional and educated technicians have the expertise to protect the substantial investment that you have in your home.

Don’t Just Put Up with Residential Pests in Your Omaha or Council Bluffs Home

It is tempting to just put up with the inconvenience and mess these pests can bring since they may not rise to the level that you believe requires professional intervention. It is important to recognize that homes with minor pest issues can very quickly become homes with major pest infestations that stand to leave your family uncomfortable and at risk.

At Genie Pest Control, we’d argue that any pest in the home is worth calling in the professionals. If these crawling, annoying and noisy pests are disturbing your ability to live a good life, there is simply no good reason to put up with having them in your home.

Give Genie Pest Control a call today to book your extermination services: Iowa (712) 325-0808 or Omaha (402) 346-7810.

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