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Eliminating Earwigs – 5 Highly-Effective Earwig Prevention Tips

Everyone knows the old wives tale; it’s even how earwigs got their name, that these insets will crawl into your ear and burrow into your brain. While this myth has no scientific backing, if you know what an earwig looks like – which you most likely do as there are over 20 different earwig species in the US alone – then you know that those pincers that stick out from their backs could frighten people and cause them to worry about this possibility.

Earwigs are not poisonous, nor do they spread disease, so they are unlikely to cause you any harm, but they do cluster together in large numbers, which can be irritating if they decide to gather in your Omaha home. At Genie Pest Control, we know that you want to get a good night’s sleep without lying awake, contemplating if an earwig will make its way into your ear canal! The good news is that you don’t have to put up with an earwig infestation in your home as our team of earwig removal experts at Genie Pest Control can take care of the situation for you. If you want don’t feel the need for professional help just yet, the following are five earwig prevention tips that might actually work.

Seal Up Any Entry Points

‘Prevention is better than cure’ as they say, so to keep earwigs from entering your Omaha home in the first place, it’s a good idea to seal up any cracks or crevices with a silicone sealant or even steel wool. Be sure to check around windows and doors as well as any vents in the attic or foundation.

Keep The Area Surrounding Your Home As Dry As Possible

Earwigs love moisture and damp conditions, so it’s a good idea to keep your backyard as dry as possible. Check your gutters and downspouts to be sure your drainage system is draining away from the foundation of your home. Our earwig removal experts recommend keeping a ‘dry zone’ of 6 to 12 inches around your Omaha home that is free from moist soil, mulch, or dead leaves.

Trim Back Bushes And Keep Your Yard Tidy

Remove as many attractive areas to earwigs as possible by keeping your backyard tidy. Move any weeds and firewood piles away from your home’s foundation and trim back bushes that might cause any damp shady areas near your home.

Keep The Inside Of Your Home As Dry As Possible

As earwigs love moisture, you’ll often find them in rooms water present like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Try to keep these areas of your Omaha home as dry as possible to avoid attracting any unwanted guests.

Use A Dehumidifier In The Basement

As the basement is often a high condensation unventilated area, a dehumidifier might be a good idea to remove excess moisture and make it less attractive to earwigs.

Get In Touch With The Experts If You Still Have Earwigs In Your Omaha Home

If all these methods fail to completely eradicate the earwigs from your home, contact our earwig removal experts at Genie Pest Control as soon as possible. Our team has the necessary knowledge, expertise, and equipment to get rid of the pesky earwigs for once and for all.

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