local exterminators say that pets can bring fleas into your home easily

Finding Fleas – How To Check Your Pets For Fleas At Home

Fleas are irritating little pests to deal with, and once they find their way into your Omaha or Iowa home, they can be challenging to get rid of without professional help from local exterminators.

At Genie Pest Control, we have helped countless homeowners to eliminate fleas from their homes. In many cases that we have dealt with, we have found that one of the primary ways fleas enter homes in the first place is by hitching a lift on your pets.

If you have cats or dogs and see your pets scratching more often than usual, they might have fleas. Fleas live off the blood of their hosts, often infesting their host and biting them, which will cause your pet a lot of irritation.

Let’s look at a few tips that our local exterminators recommend to help you inspect your dog or cat for fleas if you suspect that they might be compromised.

Try the White Towel Test

If your dog or cat has thick fur or hair, the white towel test can be a great option.

Simply take a large white towel or sheet and lay your pet down on it on their side
Next, take a grooming brush and brush through their coat while keeping an eye out for any small black spots falling onto the towel

These small black specks may be fleas, or they may be what is commonly referred to as flea dirt, a mix of dried blood and flea feces. If you suspect that your pet has fleas be sure to treat them accordingly and get in touch with our team at Genie Pest Control to investigate flea activity in the rest of your home.

Conduct A Visual Check

Not every pet has the temperament to sit still while you gently brush them to look for fleas. If this is the case, our local exterminators at Genie Pest Control recommend a simple visual inspection.

Dog owners should pay close attention to their pet’s lower back, chest, legs, and belly.

On the other hand, cat owners should focus more on the head and neck and the back and stomach.

Of course, fleas can be located anywhere on your pet; however, in most cases, these are the main points of contact that need to be checked.

Contact Our Local Exterminators If You Find Fleas Take Action Right Away

There are countless different medications and treatments that you can use to remove fleas from your pets moving forward. Search online or contact your vet to determine what treatment will work best for your pet and its specific breed.

Once you have treated your pet, the next thing you will need to do is contact our local exterminators who specialize in flea removal. We’ll be able to assess the rest of your Omaha or Iowa home to look for signs of flea activity and take whatever measures may be required to ensure your home is left flea-free moving forward.

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