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Frosty Truths – 3 Winter Pest Control Myths Busted

As a resident of Omaha or Council Bluffs, you want to be sure that you do everything you can to keep your home free of pests, insects, or rodents. Contrary to popular belief, problem pests can continue to pose a risk to your home and your health during the winter months.

Our professional exterminators realize there is a vast amount of incorrect information regarding winter pest control services and what is truly needed to keep your home pest-free. We’re providing the three most common winter pest control myths to straighten the record. With our vast pest control experience, we can assure you that these myths are officially busted once and for all.

Myth #1: Pests Hibernate For Winter

One of the most common myths our exterminators hear from residents is that pests hibernate throughout winter. Many Omaha and Council Bluffs residents believe that common household pests are too weak to survive the cold winter. However, rather than hibernate, many pests, insects, rodents are busy finding somewhere warm to survive the cold, such as in pipes, vents, and the quiet corners of your home.

Honesty is truly the best policy with this myth. It’s essential to connect with professional exterminators who are willing to provide the correct information, so you know if and when you really need pest removal services.

Myth #2: Pests Can’t Survive The Cold

When the temperatures drop outside during winter, many people think that the cold must kill rodents and other pests. After all, if we can’t be comfortable in those conditions, how could a common pest be? During the winter months, pests, insects, and rodents work hard to find shelter from the cold. Rather than not surviving in the cold, many pests thrive and begin to reproduce quickly during the winter once they find a suitable spot. For Omaha or Council Bluffs residents, this can mean real problems when Spring comes around.

Myth #3: Pest Need Warmth For Survival

While most pests will seek a warm location to hide out during the winter months, they don’t always need it. Many problem pests can survive just fine with only a roof over their heads. Areas of your Omaha or Council Bluffs home, such as your garage or a garden shed that might not be warm and cozy, can still provide some much-needed shelter from the elements. To avoid having a pest infestation come Spring, be sure to put measures in place to prevent pests from gaining access in the first place.

Contact Genie Pest Control For All Your Winter Pest Control Needs

Countless myths give the impression that pests lie dormant during the winter months and are not to be worried about at this time of year. Busting the myths above, our exterminators at Genie Pest Control have shown how your home is still at risk from pests during the colder months of the year.

If you suspect you have a pest problem in your home this winter, it’s recommended to hire a pest removal expert so your issue can be resolved quickly as possible and you can get back to normal. Be sure to contact our professional exterminators; we can determine what proactive pest maintenance is needed so you can enjoy each season pest free.

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