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Have you noticed any fruit flies around your home or office location? We understand the pain of dealing with a pesky fruit fly problem. That’s why our professional exterminators effectively eliminate these pests without any harmful chemicals or pesticides that could harm you, your family members, or pets.
The next time you’re struggling with a pesky fruit fly infestation, call Genie Pest Control.

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Fruit flies can be an annoying problem that can seem nearly impossible to eliminate from your house or office on your own. If you notice any signs of an infestation of fruit flies, then it’s time to hire an exterminator to apply pest control services. Our professional exterminators have the knowledge, equipment, and skills needed to eliminate fruit flies from your home or office location. Our friendly exterminators have all the knowledge and equipment needed to get rid of fruit flies for good!

For best result: it’s recommended to call our prompt, local exterminators as soon as you see fruit flies
buzzing around so we can get rid of this annoying problem pest before they quickly multiply.

Our friendly exterminators have all the knowledge and equipment needed to get rid of fruit flies for good!

Do you have a pesky problem with fruit flies in your home or office? You’re not alone! With the help of our local exterminators, the issue can be resolved quickly while not disrupting your peace. Our pest removal experts will come on-site to inspect the situation, determine the exact problem pest treatment to apply, and eliminate these pesky fruit flies.

Our professional exterminators have the knowledge, equipment, and skills needed. Call today!

Important FAQ About Fruit Flies In Your Area

Fruit flies can enter your home and office in many ways, including open windows and screens and gaps found around doors. The most common way fruit flies find their way into your home is through grocery store fruits or vegetables, especially farm stands or fruit markets. (it’s recommended to clean your fruits and vegetables immediately when bringing them into your home or office)

Genie Pest Control can get rid of this problem pest for you. Contact us today!

The reality is, you can try. You might soon realize that specific DIY pest control solutions do not get your desired results. And, if you have children or pets, if you buy anything over the counter or at a local store, the products might not be safe for those you love. Controlling problem pests, in general, can be a frustrating and challenging task – that’s why it’s best to hire a professional exterminator who can tackle your current pest infestation or insect issue with efficiency. A highly-skilled pest removal expert will know exactly what needs to be done to eliminate any problem pest you have while also sharing tips to prevent any pests from invading your home or office in the future.

Our professional exterminators respond promptly with efficient pest control services if you need help controlling and eliminating fruit flies in your home or office location. We completely understand how stressful problem pests can be for home and business owners, so our exterminators strive to get your space back to a peaceful place as quickly as possible. Contact us immediately to access our Omaha, Council Bluffs, and surrounding area calendars.

When you need to get rid of fruit flies, the treatment must be safe for use around humans and pets. Our highly-skilled exterminators will always make sure we can solve your pest problem as quickly as possible while ensuring you, your family, pets, and plants are safe.

We know that you want to be confident in your pest control choices and our exterminators do, too! The truth is that the cost of pest control services varies based on the specific pest issue, the property size, how frequent you’d like our exterminators to come on-site, etc.

For fruit fly extermination, we recommend contacting us to have a chat about what you can expect and the best next steps for treatments. When our exterminator arrives and performs the primary inspection, they can provide you with an estimate for the recommended pest control services.

Fruit flies are tiny insects that can be difficult to get rid of once they arrive and start mating. They’re typically found in dirty or moist areas, where they feed on organic matter like grits and leftovers from humans and other small insects!

Fruit flies are often attracted to sweet deposits from spilled drinks and can cause problems when they infest homes or office locations. If you spill something or finish prepping food, it’s recommended to clean up your area immediately as these small insects lay their eggs in the organic matter left out for long periods.

Two of their favorite areas are fruit baskets near counters where food is frequently prepared and closets with damp fabric because this type loves moisture more than most people do!

To prevent fruit flies in your home, be sure to follow these suggestions:

  • Make sure to keep your home clean – especially laundry rooms or bathrooms
  • Regularly removing garbage from the inside of your home will keep it clean and safe from fruit flies
  • Make sure that the lids are tight-fitting at all times
  • Be sure that all gaps around exterior windows and doors are secure with no gaps or cracks
  • Don’t forget to put away any outdoor cans when you’re done using them
  • Caulk those pesky leaks found in screen porches
  • Ensure there is no excessive water or leaks underneath your bathroom or kitchen sinks

First, it’s important to know that fruit flies can get into your house through groceries purchased at the store or recycling cans if you’re not too careful.

Once they are in, these tiny insects love nothing more than eating ripe fruits and vegetables.

Fruit flies are often found in kitchens, where their favorite foods can be overripe or decayed, such as banana peelings left out overnight! They’re usually only about 1/8th of an inch long but don’t let that fool you – these pests will eat whatever they can get access to! Fruit-loving folks might find themselves covered with a few fruit flies at once if not careful, while others may have one or two scrounging around under plates looking for dinner time crumbs.

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Looking to eliminate fruit flies for good? The best way you could prevent getting fruit flies would be to sign up for one of our ongoing maintenance pest prevention plans. This allows our local, professional exterminators to pretreat any areas removing the opportunity for fruit flies to invade your kitchen or other living areas.

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