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Keep Cockroaches In The Cold – How To Maintain A Roach-Free Home In Winter

Cockroaches are built to thrive in warmer temperatures, making it difficult for them to survive in Omaha or Council Bluffs cold temperatures. This makes the winter season a particularly challenging time for cockroaches. To combat these difficulties, cockroaches will typically start to look for shelter in warmer places when temperatures drop. Unfortunately, those warm places are often our homes.

Our homes provide cockroaches with everything that they need to survive. At Genie Pest Control, our professional exterminators want to help you keep your home roach-free at all times of the year, especially this winter.

Below, our cockroach removal experts outline a few helpful tips to assist you in maintaining a roach-free home, even when the temperatures begin to drop.

Keep Your Home Clean

It’s important to remember that one of the main reasons cockroaches venture into your Omaha or Council Bluffs home in the first place is often in search of food. Roaches are attracted to dirt, crumbs, and other debris where they can find something to eat. Make sure that you make a habit of cleaning spills and crumbs quickly and keep your kitchen worktops and floors as clean as possible. It’s also wise to keep your food in sealed containers and avoid leaving pet food out overnight.

Declutter Your Interior

In addition to food, when cockroaches enter your home, they want to find a dark, quiet corner where they can hide out in peace. If you have a lot of clutter throughout your home, you are providing any cockroaches in your home with a multitude of places to hide. Our professional exterminators always advise our clients to keep their Omaha and Council Bluffs homes as neat and as tidy as possible and to declutter as much as possible to keep cockroaches at bay.

Seal Entry Points

Cockroaches often come in out of the cold through cracks around your doors and windows, through broken seals, or gaps in the walls, or around electrical wiring. Inspect your home’s exterior thoroughly and fill or repair any gaps that you find. Our professional exterminators at Genie Pest Control always recommend taking a proactive approach to minimize problems with cockroaches. There will naturally be less risk of cockroaches making their way into your home with fewer places for them to gain access when the temperatures outside start to get colder.

Keep Your Home Cockroach-Free With The Help Of Genie Pest Control

Sometimes, pests like cockroaches can still find a way into our Omaha and Council Bluffs homes despite our best efforts. If you suspect that you have a cockroach issue in your home, you must take action by contacting a professional exterminator quickly before they breed and you have a full-blown infestation come Spring. With the help of our cockroach removal experts, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be roach-free in no time.

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