Omaha Property Managers Have Big Responsibilities Keeping Pests at Bay Doesn’t Have to be One of Them

Looking for Chemical-Free Pest Control in Omaha? Integrated Pest Management is an Option

Today’s homeowner is keenly aware of the dangers of household chemicals in the environment and in their homes. When it comes to keeping living spaces free of these potentially dangerous products, we often are asked about the treatments we use in Omaha homes to control pests.

The truth is, pest control is a difficult science and Genie Pest Control is always attuned to customers’ concerns surrounding the products we use in and around their homes. In fact, the dangerous nature of the products that often must be used to eliminate unwanted pests – for termite control and to eliminate insects – provides the best rationale for calling in the professionals to handle the job of pest control in the home.

Here’s a glimpse in how we can help fight infestations least toxic to the family

There are some ways, using integrated pest management, in which the use of pest control chemicals and insecticides can be greatly minimized. The technique here is to employ tactics to fight infestations in ways that are least toxic to humans and the environment. Using products that are ecologically balanced, as we can at Genie Pest Control, is one way to minimize the exposure to harsh extermination chemicals. Unfortunately, these formulations are rarely as effective or long-lasting.

It is also possible to take the offense, deploying preventative solutions such as reducing access to food, water, and shelter for pests looking for these accommodations. It involves keeping food in airtight containers, filling holes and cracks where pests might gain entrance and repairing any leaky faucets or places that can become an insect’s favorite watering hole.

Omaha homeowners owners can be proactive with their environments

For those areas that can’t be easily reached, it is possible to use low-toxic or non-toxic dust, boric acid or other environmentally friendly gels to try to keep unwanted pests away. Other helpful preventive measures include frequent vacuuming, inspecting all boxes and bags brought into the home for hitchhiking pests, and preventing clutter, debris and garbage to build up. Keep firewood away from the exterior foundation of the home and remove all rotting or decaying wood to prevent termite infestations.

It is important for homeowners to understand that integrated pest management is not a “one and done” solution. It takes ongoing and systematic attention and can often require more time and diligence than homeowners are willing to invest.

Call Genie Pest Control to Discuss Safe Ways to Eliminate Pests from Your Home. (402) 346-7810

The thought of using any pest control regiment can be daunting, especially if you are concerned about your family, the children, and pets who live in your home. Genie Pest Control can help resolve your fears and your insect control problems with a simple phone call. Depending on your particular issue, there may be ways to greatly minimize or reduce chemical use.

Sometimes, however, it is the only way to completely and permanently solve an infestation and if that is the case, you need to rely on a professional to safely and expertly manage the treatment for your home. Trust Genie Pest Control. Call us today at 402-346-7810 to discuss the options.

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