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Whether you’ve seen a rat or mouse scurry into your home or office location or heard something on the walls, discovering these creatures in any quantity is highly alarming to anyone in the Omaha, Council Bluffs, or surrounding areas. If you have a problem with rats and mice in your home or office, help is available!

If you notice any signs of structural damage, such as holes or chew marks near electrical wires, call our local exterminators immediately because these rodents will only worsen after several days without professional intervention! Rodents, especially rats, carry more than 35 diseases that can be transmitted to humans. The main objective of our friendly, professional exterminators is to ensure you, your family, friends, and coworkers are safe and protected. Genie Pest Control offers effective rodent removal services, our professional rodent removal exterminators can provide you details regarding our ongoing maintenance so you can prevent an infestation in the future. Allow us the opportunity to get your home, office, or industrial location back to being safe and sound.

When you need to get rid of pesky mice or rodents like rats, you can count on Our Friendly Exterminators

You can’t afford to let a pest problem like a mouse or rat infestation get out of control. For expert and professional removal and pest elimination solutions to annoying rodent problems, contact our highly-skilled exterminators. 

Important FAQ About Mice/Rats In Your Area

While you can attempt to remove these rodents yourself, the best way to deal with any rodent situation or infestation is to enlist the help of an experienced, professional exterminator. A professional will ensure no one else comes into contact or catches whatever disease they’re carrying around while also eliminating the issue from the source to get your home, office, or space back to a peaceful state.
To keep my family safe from harm’s way (and healthy), please contact our professional exterminators at Genie Pest Control. We offer effective rodent removal services to get your home or office back to a peaceful place.
Rodents are not only unpleasant and dirty, but they can also be a public health hazard. You must find an effective rodent removal solution as soon as possible—especially if this problem has been going on for a while. The best way to get mice and rodents removed from your property is to enlist the help of an experienced, professional exterminator, who will ensure no one else comes into contact or catches whatever disease these intruders are carrying, and they will eliminate the issue.

Rodents are pesky inconveniences that can cause all sorts of problems for humans. For example, some diseases may be transmitted from direct contact with mice or rats; others indirect by fleas/ticks carried on their fur. These nasty rodents have diseases and damage property in ways that can lead to costly and unexpected repairs to your home and other living spaces!

Rodents have clearly been around for a very long time and their ability to survive hundreds of thousands of years says a lot about their hardiness as a species. The word “rodent” originated in the mid-19th century and is from the Latin rodent, which means “gnawing.”

If that isn’t descriptive enough, an online Dictionary characterizes rodents as “gnawing mammals of an order that includes rats, mice, squirrels, hamsters, porcupines, and their relatives, distinguished by strong constantly growing incisors and no canine teeth.”

You read that correctly. Rodents’ incisors never stop growing. That means they chew and this chewing causes not only damage but also leaves behind messy, potentially health-damaging leavings and droppings – often one of the first signs there is a rodent problem in the first place.

Mice are the smaller of the two pests, usually measuring no more than 7.5 inches in length (including tail) and weigh less than ½ pound. They can be white, brown or grey in color and are distinguished by their triangular-shaped snout and long facial whiskers. Mice have large, floppy ears and thin, hairy, long tails. Rats are larger and may grow up to 16 inches in length and weigh much more than their smaller mice relatives. They can be white, gray, brown or black and aren’t known for their personal hygiene. Oftentimes, rat infestations can be identified by the grease marks they leave behind on the surfaces they touch. Rats have snouts that are more blunt, and have long, hairless (often scaly) tails. Both mice and rats are nocturnal creatures who enjoy spending time with their friends. Many, many friends.
  • You see one: Because mice are timid and nocturnal, seeing a mouse is an obvious sign of infestation. Where you see one, there are likely many more.
  • Droppings: Mice leave evidence by way of their feces every where they go. They are often one of the first signs there is a problem. Never clean up droppings without using proper respiratory protection!
  • Tracks or footprints: Mice leave tiny, but tell-tale footprints as they traverse dusty bookshelves, counters and the like.
  • Evidence of chewing: Mice chew and gnaw on paper, food, wood, and other household items because of those teeth we told you about.
  • The pitter-pat of little feet: Mice are quick and dash from one place to another. In infested homes or businesses, they can be heard scurrying within walls and/or attics.
  • Noticeable odors: Seasoned mice hunters can smell mice even if they can’t see them. They have a distinct odor left behind by urine and feces.
  • You see one: If you see a rat during the day, that likely means there are many more. Because of their nocturnal habits, they aren’t often out during the day.
  • Noticeable gnaw marks: Because of those ever-growing teeth that we mentioned, rats need to chew. Gnaw marks on wood or other hard surfaces may indicate a rat problem.
  • Burrows or nests: Evidence can include holes around the foundation of a home or building. Nests in attics or trees are also favorite rat abodes.
  • Scurrying and scratching noises: Rats can make distinguishable sounds as they run around in the walls and/or build their nests.
  • Rub marks: We mentioned this one already. Rats use vertical surfaces to guide their way during nighttime excursions. Grease marks from their fur left on walls or the surfaces they touch are signs a rat has been there.
  • Droppings: All rodents, including rats, leave a lot of fecal droppings everywhere they go. Never attempt to clean up these droppings without using respiratory protection.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), rats and mice spread over 35 diseases worldwide. These diseases can be spread to humans directly, through handling of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have fed on an infected rodent.

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