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For most homes or businesses with a vole or mole problem, simply driving these pests next door to your neighbor’s house or business location isn’t a great long-term solution. To rid your lawn and landscape of these underground destructive rodents once and for all, professional extermination services are required. Genie Pest Control has professional solutions and the experience necessary to apply them safely and effectively to help eliminate a pesky vole or mole problem. We offer control methods such as baiting, habitat modification, trapping and burrow fumigants.

Got Moles or Voles? Local Exterminators Are A Call Away!

Moles and voles are pests that many Omaha and Council Bluffs residents and businesses would just as soon see take up residence elsewhere. By the time you see the characteristic tunneling across your lawn caused by voles, or the more substantial mounds of earth piled throughout and undermining your lawn, you can be certain you already have a vole or mole problem. Be sure to contact our team of professional exterminators at the first signs of these rodents.

Important FAQ About Moles/Voles In Your Area

Yes! Many Omaha and Council Bluffs residents and businesses call Genie Pest Control for advice about these underground dwelling, destructive rodents. Often, many are stumped as they have no clue about the actual differences between moles and voles. They just know their lawns and landscapes are taking a beating and appear more like a minefield than the lush, green, and healthy space they had hoped for.

Voles are actually field mice that eat the roots and bulbs planted in and around your property. They are about the size of a mouse and have dark fur and shrew-like features. They are seen more often than moles merely because they come to the surface more often and although they are somewhat “cute” in appearance, there is nothing cute about the destruction they can do to the root systems of your plants and vegetation. They can cause extensive damage to plants and landscape as they dig and tunnel across your property. Voles also leave a tell-tale path of tunnels that appear on the surface of your lawn or landscape as they travel along their destructive path.
If your outdoor plants suddenly start dying, if the bulbs that come back every year are failing to make a reappearance in spring or if you see trails of tunnels throughout your yard, it is wise to suspect that you may have voles. Sometimes voles even are found inside of a home; after all, they are mice and have the same tendencies to find small openings by which they can find their next meal. If you capture a rodent that has facial characteristics that are different from the typical mice you may be used to seeing, it may be a vole that has ventured inside.
Moles feast on grubs and worms underneath the ground. In the 30+ years of offering successful rodent removal services in the Omaha and Council Bluffs, we’ve never heard moles described as cute. They are blind and rather strange-looking creatures that live entirely underground.
Moles have no interest in the roots and bulbs you’ve planted. They are totally carnivorous and eat beetle grubs, earthworms and the larvae of cicadas. Moles tunnel extensively underground and can completely ruin a lawn by leaving mounds of earth piled where your beautiful lawn should be. The tunnels they dig are extensive and can leave a lawn with dangerous soft spots that can result in holes just waiting for an unsuspecting ankle to sink in and become painfully twisted.
For most residents and business with a mole or vole problem, simply driving these pests next door isn’t a great long-term solution. And while you can keep your lawns short which deters moles/voles from finding optimum living grounds, this will not help remove these destructive rodents for good. It’s recommended to connect with a professional exterminator at the first signs of these underground destructive rodents.
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