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Mosquito Management – 4 Simple Tips To Keep Mosquitos At Bay

If you ask anyone, what they dislike the most about summer, the answer is almost always the same; mosquitoes! These little pests can many different viruses and bacteria, which, some of which can be deadly to humans. Even if you are not infected by a mosquito bite, the itchy, red bump that is left behind is not something that anyone enjoys.

Here at Genie Pest Control, we understand mosquitoes can be a pesky insect for Omaha homeowners. And, if you are unlucky enough to have an infestation, things can escalate very quickly from a mildly irritating problem to a severe issue. Should you suspect that you have a mosquito infestation on your property, it’s essential to schedule our mosquito removal services as soon as possible to get the problem under control. However, prevention is better than cure, and with the following simple tips, you can keep mosquitos from ruining your summer.

Remove Sources Of Standing Water

Mosquitos need water to reproduce, and once their legs are laid, it can take as little as just four days for them to develop into adults. This makes sources of standing water on your property a hotbed for mosquito activity. It is vital that you take the time to remove any standing water that you might have on your property to discourage mosquitos from reproducing. Check around your outdoor spaces for anywhere that water can accumulate, such as buckets, blocked gutters, plant pots, and other containers.

Use Window And Door Screens

If you have window and door bug screens installed, make sure that you use them to keep mosquitos out of your home. Be sure to check your screens for tears or other damage and take the time to repair them properly before the summer, and the mosquitos, arrive. For homeowners who do not have screens installed, now is a good time to consider having them fitted. Our residential insect removal technicians recommend that homeowners use screens on all open windows and doors during the summer. The cross breeze will keep your home nice and cool when the weather gets warmer, and the screens will keep those pesky mosquitos out.

Utilize Your Fans

Turning on your fans is a great way to keep mosquitos away from you and your home. Mosquitos find it very difficult to fly against a strong air current, so the air that your fan blows around will push them away and make it more difficult for mosquitos to get close to you. If you are sitting outside and have outdoor fans, they will work just as effectively, or bring some standing fans outside to where you are going to be sitting. Fans also help to move around the CO2 that we breathe out, making it more difficult for a mosquito to locate you, as tracing the CO2 is one of the primary methods mosquitos use to find food.

Stay Covered, Use Mosquito Repellent

To avoid mosquitos when you are outdoors, at Genie Pest Control, we always advise that you wear long sleeves and to hire our mosquito removal services technicians so you can enjoy your outdoors in peace. Known for keeping your front our backyard pesky safe, our services can allow you to enjoy your outdoor time at dawn, dusk, and everything in between. The summer is meant to be enjoyed, and the sunshine always helps revive energy and moods, so be sure to prep your front and back yard with our mosquito removal services. When going outside in public, prep yourself with long sleeves if the weather is appropriate and is armed with some organic spray repellent for your body and clothing.

Manage Your Mosquito Problems With Genie Pest Control

In the summer months, as the number of mosquitos increases, you must take care of yourself, your home, and your family as best as possible. However, despite your best efforts, a mosquito infestation can still occur and end up wreaking havoc on your home, making your summer more stressful and unpleasant than you might have planned. If you experience problems with mosquitos in your home this summer, contact our team at Genie Pest Control as quickly as possible. Our expert technicians have the skills, tools, and expertise to effectively rid your home of mosquitos, letting you get back to enjoying your summer!

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