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Mouse Trap Misunderstandings – 4 Common Trapping Mistakes To Avoid

Sharing your home with unwanted visitors can be an unnerving experience and something that homeowners will want to avoid at all costs. While there are plenty of measures you can take to make your Omaha home less attractive to mice, sometimes these little rodents will find their way into your home despite your best efforts. Here at Genie Pest Control our rodent removal experts advise taking action as quickly as possible to ensure your home is mouse-free.

Glue traps, snap traps and, catch and release traps can be useful tools for homeowners when they first identify that there is a mouse in the house. However, it’s important that you use these tools correctly to get the right result. Even if you successfully catch the intruder, it’s vital that you get in touch with a professional rodent removal service to ensure that there are no more mice left in your Omaha home or that there is not a nest present somewhere on your property.

Below, our team at Genie Pest Control explores some of the most common errors homeowners make when using mousetraps at home and how to avoid these mistakes.

A Lack Of Traps

All too often, Omaha homeowners will identify that they have mice in their house and they will put down just a few traps. However, unless you are dealing with an individual mouse that is occupying a small area of your home, this approach is unlikely to be very effective. Our rodent removal experts at Genie Pest Control recommend setting at least three traps per mouse that you have in your home. More traps, positioned in the right areas of your home, will increase your success rate greatly.

Incorrect Positioning

As we have already mentioned, the positioning of your traps is critical to how effective they will be. If the traps are put in the wrong place, the mice will avoid them with ease and continue to scurry about your home. Traps should be placed along baseboards, in corners behind appliances, and in cupboards. Pay attention to the points where mice are entering your home and set traps near these entry points too. Our team at Genie Pest Control recommends positioning your traps two to ten feet apart in areas where you have seen mice being particularly active in your home.

The Wrong Bait

Although many popular movies and TV shows will show mousetraps baited with cheese, this is not the best bait to use. Instead of using cheese, experiment with sweet or fatty foods that are particularly attractive to mice. Chocolate, peanut butter, jam, and wet pet food are all great bait choices that mice will find irresistible. The stickier the bait is in texture, the better chance the trap will have of being triggered when a mouse comes to sample the treats you have left out.

Irregular Trap Checking

If you are using a kill trap such as a snap trap, you might not think to check back on the trap regularly, However, this style of trap can often injure the mouse instead of killing it so you need to check on the trap regularly for activity. Mice can free themselves from catch and release and glue traps if they are left alone for too long so with these traps, you need to keep a close eye on your traps. If you are successful in trapping a mouse, be sure to clear out the trap as soon as possible and reset it to catch any other intruders who may still be present in your Omaha home.

Call In The Experts To Ensure Your Home Is Completely Mouse-Free

It can often be difficult to know whether you have one mouse scurrying around your home, or if there are more rodents that you are not aware of. While setting traps yourself can be a useful tactic, it is always best to call in the experts to ensure you have removed all of the mice from your home. Get in touch with our team of rodent removal experts at Genie Pest Control and let us help you to ensure your home is completely mouse-free.

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