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There is no “right” answer when it comes to the question of how often you will need pest management services for your home or business. The only way to identify how often or how much will be for licensed and experienced Genie Pest Control services technicians to conduct a careful assessment of your home or property.
Pest Management Services For Your Home Or Business

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It’s a simple fact that some pests require more frequent treatment than others and some homes and businesses are simply more attractive to pests than are others. Location, age, and a condition can affect the degree to which pests can be present. It is also important to remember that some pest treatment products require different application intervals to be most effective. An important aspect of our exterminators job is to maximize protection and minimize the expense to you or your business. Below, we share several ongoing maintenance plans that can be applied to your home or business:


For more challenging problems or to provide regular maintenance and keep problems at bay, a monthly visit from Genie Pest Control can be a great investment.


A quarterly visit from our termite and bug exterminators is ideal for most of our customers and is an effective way to combat the pests that are inherent to seasonal changes.


Once a year insect control is always an option, especially if your home or business doesn’t have ongoing issues that require more frequent treatment.

Discussing all the options with a Genie Pest Control professional is the best way to determine the exact right frequency of service for your individual needs
Not Ready To Commit Just Yet? No Worries, See below for the annoying bugs & rodents we can eliminate with our one-time pest removal services

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Our local exterminators are dedicated professionals who will happily assist you with an existing pest infestation and provide you with details regarding our affordable maintenance plans to help you keep your office and home pest-free.


The damage is already done by the time it can be seen. Check your home or business property now for termite infestation.

Bed Bugs

These pesky hitchhikers are easy to bring home but hard to eliminate. Call our exterminators today to successfully evict bed bugs from your residence.


These biting, eight-legged creatures really don’t belong in the areas where we live. Our pest removal experts can eliminate the cobwebs and the creepy creatures once and for all.


If you have pets in the home, you might also have fleas. If you are itching to find a solution to this problem, give us a call at (712) 325-0808 or (402) 346-7810.


These nighttime kitchen visitors are definitely not welcome. Let us turn on the light to identify and solve cockroach problems in your home, business, or properties you manage.


These pesky insects were definitely not invited to the picnic, yet here they are. Ridding them from your home or business requires finding the colony. Let our exterminators get rid of these uninvited guests.

Carpenter Ants

You’ll know these destructive insects when you see large, black ants chewing on wood (like your deck). The time to eliminate carpenter ants is right away.


These little creatures love to come into your home for warmth and food. That doesn’t mean they get to stay. Our rodent removal experts rid your home of these invaders before they invite their friends and relatives.


Moles and voles can really do a number on a beautiful yard or landscape. To effectively eliminate them from your yard or office location requires skill and experience. Call us at (712) 325-0808 or (402) 346-7810.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs ravage crops, emit foul odor, and invade homes for shelter. Swift action is crucial to prevent damage and curb infestation.


These stinging, aggressive insects love to build elaborate nests near homes and offices. Let our highly-skilled exterminators eliminate them. We can enroll you in one of our ongoing maintenance plan to keep them away.

Asian Lady Bugs

Asian ladybugs, though beneficial predators, swarm indoors, causing nuisances. Their presence leads to allergies, stains, and potential structural damage.


There is nothing like trying to fall asleep to the sound of a romantic cricket chirping. Don’t let this love song play out in your home or office. Eliminate them with our safe, effective pest control options.


They bite, and they carry scary diseases that no one wants in or around their homes, offices, or outdoor spaces. We have effective, affordable solutions to solve this problem.

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Whether your home, business, or the properties you manage need preventive services or solutions for an ongoing pest problem, you can count on Genie Pest Control! We offer prompt, reasonably-priced, and effective pest control and elimination services.

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