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Professional Exterminators Quick Guide To What Cockroaches Eat

Our cockroach exterminators understand that sharing your home with this pest is far from ideal. For many Iowa and Omaha homeowners, cockroaches are one of the most hideous, unsightly, and unwanted pests that you might have to deal with. While cockroaches are certainly not uncommon, they are one pest that is guaranteed to make you shudder when you see them.

While cockroaches are infamous for going long periods without any food at all, they still spend a huge amount of their time looking for food sources. When food is not stored correctly, your floors are not vacuumed regularly or you do not keep your kitchen countertops and floors free of crumbs and other food particles, cockroaches will typically find their way into your home. At Genie Pest Control, our residential cockroach exterminators believe that having an understanding of the exact types of food cockroaches are looking for can help you to keep these horrible pests out of your home.

Take a closer look below at just some of the foods that cockroaches love to eat.

Pantry Food Items

Dried foods that you are typically stored in a pantry are a favorite with cockroaches. Our professional exterminators always advise our Iowa and Omaha clients to keep their dries foods securely stored to prevent roaches from gaining access. Items like cookies, chips, cereal and oatmeal are all roach favorites and should be stored in strong glass or plastic containers as they will happily chew through plastic bags or cardboard to access what is inside.

Kitchen Surface Leftovers

Kitchen countertops and floors are a treasure trove for hungry cockroaches unless they are kept spotlessly clean of course! Crumbs, leftovers, scraps on ditty dishes, and other food debris around your kitchen are almost guaranteed to attract cockroaches so be sure to keep your kitchen surfaces clean and tidy to keep them at bay.

Meat, Sweets, And Alcohol

Cockroaches enjoy a lot of the same foods that we humans do and are particularly drawn to meat, sweets, and alcohol. Greasy fried foods, starchy items such as grans, bread, or cereal, and sugary foods such as sweets are all big draws for cockroaches. The hops and sugar contained in beer are also popular with cockroaches so be sure to rinse your empty beer bottles and cans before putting them into the recycling.

Pet Food

As you may have correctly assumed cockroaches are not too fussy when it comes to what they eat. While we will make a real distinction between human food and pet food, to cockroaches, it’s all the same. At Genie Pest Control, our professional exterminators recommend not to leave your pet food bowls out unattended for too long. Instead of leaving food in the bowl for your pet to graze on throughout the day, consider getting them into the habit of finishing their food in one visit.

Eliminate Cockroaches From Your Home For Once And For All

Should you discover cockroaches roaming around your Iowa or Omaha home, you need to take action right away. Our cockroach exterminators who excel at removing cockroaches are always here when you need us. Contact us if you suspect you have a cockroach issue in your home to ensure that the problem is solved once and for all.

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