rodent control experts provide signs you have mice in your Omaha or Iowa home

Professional Exterminators Guide: 5 Places Mice Hide In Your Home

Just as we seek out warm, cozy, food-filled interiors during the colder months, mice do too. As the cold weather begins to settle in, our professional exterminators receive more requests to deal with rodents who have ventured indoors to escape cold temps.

As a homeowner, you must understand where mice might be hiding out in your Omaha or Iowa home so you can solve the problem as soon as possible. You may have seen a mouse scurrying along the edge of your baseboards, or their presence may have become apparent when you heard their tiny paws click-clacking around. If you suspect there may be mice in your home, knowing where they may be hiding can help you solve the issue as quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look at five of the most common places that mice hang out in homes during the winter months.

Attic Areas

If your Omaha or Iowa home has an attic, there’s a good chance this is where you might find mice hiding. Many attics have gaps in the insulation or roofing, making it easy for mice to gain access directly from outside. What’s more, attics tend to be quiet, low-traffic areas, making them the ideal place for mice to nest in peace.


Dark, warm spaces with easy access to water are a favorite of mice and other pests. At Genie Pest Control, our professional exterminators often find mice nesting in basements. Whether they settle near your heater, in a dark crawl space, or cracks in the foundations of your home, basements provide countless options for mice and their litters to live.

The Garage

During the winter months, garages don’t tend to see the same foot traffic as they do throughout the rest of the year. While your garage may not be as warm and cozy as other areas of your Omaha or Iowa home, these spaces offer countless places for mice to hide when the weather gets colder outside, so be sure to pay close attention for signs of mice activity.

Inside Your Walls

One of the most common and most frustrating places for mice to nest is inside your walls. If you have heard scratching and pitter-pattering coming from somewhere around you, but you can’t quite identify the exact source, there’s a good chance that there may be mice in your walls. In this situation, the first thing you should do is contact our professional exterminators right away to investigate further, resolve the issue, and seal up entry points.

Heating Ducts

Sometimes mice can make their way into your heating ducts, which is never ideal. Although it can be challenging to see them, you will often smell them when you turn on the heating. The mice themselves, as well as their droppings, can leave a nasty odor that will quickly make you aware of their presence. In this instance, you must seek out the help of a professional exterminator to locate the infestation and eradicate it quickly.

Reputable Rodent Removal Services Hire A Professional Exterminator

If you suspect that mice are nesting in your Omaha or Iowa home, contact our rodent removal experts at Genie Pest Control right away. Our team knows where mice might be hiding in your home and have the knowledge and expertise required to take the necessary action to remove them once and for all.

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