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Reliable Pest Removal – Breaking Down Our Residential Services

With more than thirty years of experience in pest control, we are committed to resolving your pest issues as quickly as possible. Our team of pest control removal experts uses the most up-to-date tools, technologies, and techniques to ensure that your home is free of pests for once and for all.

Predominantly serving the Omaha and Council Bluffs areas, we offer a range of residential pest removal services that you can rely on. At Genie Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing prompt service at reasonable rates and we don’t settle for anything less than permanent removal of pests from your home. Professional, friendly and customer-focused, our fully licensed pest removal experts are always ready to implement tried and tested pest removal strategies to our customers that are safe and highly effective. Let’s take a closer look at some of our most popular residential pest removal services.

Termite Removal

Termites can cause havoc to your home if left untreated. These invasive insects nest in the soil beneath your home and start to feed on various timber elements of your home. If you suspect that you may have termites in your home, it’s important that you take action to remove the termites as quickly as possible before they cause irreparable damage to your property.

Bed Bug Elimination

At Genie Pest Control, we offer customized bed bug treatments that are proven to be effective. Bed bugs are easiest to eliminate when they are detected early, so be sure to get in touch with our team of bed bug removal experts if you find bed bugs in your home.

Spider Control Solutions

There are many species of spiders in the Omaha and Council Bluffs areas, some of which can be venomous and some that are just creepy. Spiders are often found on ceilings, walls and in bathtubs and showers in homes. Nobody likes finding spiders in their home and it’s best to seek out the services of a professional spider control expert to take appropriate action as quickly as you can.

Flea Extermination

If you have a pet that has suddenly started scratching excessively or if you see fleas moving between pet hairs on your carpets, it’s important that you act fast. As it only takes 2-3 days for flea eggs to hatch, the problem can go from bad to worse quickly if left unattended. Get in touch with our flea removal experts right away and eradicate the fleas for good.

Cockroach Expulsion

Ranging from one to three inches in length and brown in color, the American cockroach is the most common cockroach in the Omaha and Council Bluff areas. These pests can pose health issues and are best eradicated immediately. Get in touch with our cockroach removal team at Genie Pest Control before they multiply and you have an infestation to deal with.

Eliminating Ants

Understanding the type of ants that you are dealing with is the first step to eliminating these pests from your home. To the untrained eye, this can be a difficult task and this is why you should always use a professional ant removal service, such as we offer here at Genie Pest Control, to successfully eliminate the ants from your home for once and for all.

Removing Rodents

A rodent infestation in your home can be unpleasant to experience and can also cause serious health issues for the inhabitants of your home. If left untreated, rodents will chew through various elements of your home, causing damage to your home that is expensive to repair. When it comes to removing rodents from your home, it’s crucial that you don’t delay and take action right away.

Reliable Residential Pest Removal

With more than thirty years of experience in pest control, our team at Genie Pest Control has the expertise you need to remove a wide range of pests from your home. In addition to the services listed above, we can also assist you with the removal of carpenter ants, silverfish, earwigs, wasps, moles and voles, crickets and mosquitos. To find out more about how we can help you to live pest-free, get in touch with our team of professional pest removal experts at Genie Pest Control today.

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