Termite Inspections

fully trained and licensed exterminators ready to handle all termite issues

30+ years of experience of Pest Removal

Genie Pest Control is able to help all local Realtors and Brokers, VA loans and routine termite inspections for residents and businesses. With more than 30 years of experience and a dedication to honest, detailed reporting, our termite inspections will reveal the truth about the property allowing you to know what the best next step should be regarding the buy/sell process, refinancing, or integrity of a property.

Realtors / Brokers

We're the perfect partner for local Realtors and Brokers! We reveal the full story with our honest-detailed reporting on all termite inspections. When hiring our exterminators, you're making the best decision regarding buying, selling, or refinance.

Refinance / VA Loans

With our experienced termite inspection team, you can be confident that you're getting the best possible service. We'll help you understand what the NPMA - 33 form is and why you need it for refinancing or when establishing a new VA loan.

Resident / Business

Looking to buy or sell a property in Omaha, Council Bluffs or the surrounding area? With our detailed termite inspection reports, you'll be able to make an informed decisions regarding purchasing a property or what's needed to sell a home in excellent condition.

Termite Inspection Reports That Provide Clear Answers

We’re happy help the residential or commercial real estate community with everything they need from inspections on properties that could be vulnerable against termites all-the way up through refinancing mortgages if needed – even VA loans come out sounding better when using our termite insecption services.
Prompt. Reasonably-Priced. Effective.

We Are The Go-To Termite Inspection Team For Realtors, Brokers & Current/Future Residents; Here's Why: ​

Yes, we offer a two year warranty for ALL relator handled transactions in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and surrounding areas. This is one of the many things that make us a bit different from other pest control companies as many of them don’t offer a warranty at all or if they do, it’s a very short timeframe. Our two year warranty timeframe allows us to ensure your team is supported and get the exact answers you need regarding a specific product.
Not only are we friendly, we are prompt & have a skill of providing truthful, through answers regarding any and all types of properties. When you need an inspection for a property, rely on the experts at Genie Pest Control. We’ll provide honest reports about any termite issues big or small so no one falls victim a surprise termite infestation for a buy, sell, or refinance. Our quick turnaround times make sure all orders are completed quickly while our reasonable pricing structures.

Not only are we friendly and happy to assist you in getting the truth you need, but we also have quick turnaround times while being reasonably priced.

With 30+ years of experience, we’ve been able to master the termite inspection process, which includes providing thorough, detailed reports to assist you in determining the next steps for a buy, sell or refinance.

We also assist in providing termite inspections for financing new VA loans or the refinancing process of an existing VA loan.

Contact us to help identify the truth about any property, big or small!

More About What We Offer

Our Omaha & Iowa Exterminator Services

Genie Pest Control has 30 years of experience managing the areas’ toughest termite, bed bugs, pest control problems in both residential and commercial settings. Licensed exterminator technicians with years of experience are ready to bring effective solutions to your biggest insect control problems today.
Residential Services

Genie Pest Control provides control and prevention services for all bug and pests you might find in your home or living area. Our friendly and experienced technicians are ready to bring proven pest management recommendations and effective, safe solutions to your biggest problems. Call us today and enjoy pest-free living for you and your family.

Commercial Services

As a leader in providing insect exterminator services in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area, Genie Pest Control services a wide range of industries from restaurants, healthcare facilities, housing, and rental units and everything in between. Whether your business needs preventive services or solutions for an ongoing problem, you can count on us for prompt and effective pest elimination.

Property Managers

Whether you manage multiple properties, lease commercial space, rent residential homes, or are responsible for numerous apartment buildings, you can ensure your properties are kept pest-free with the help of our expert pest removal team. As a trusted and well-established business with over thirty years of experience, you can rest easy, knowing that you are in safe hands with Genie Pest Control.

Call us today and enjoy pest-free living for you, your family, and your company: Iowa (712) 325-0808 or Omaha (402) 346-7810.

Prompt. Reasonably-Priced. Effective.

More About Genie Pest Control

Whether your home, business, or the properties you manage need preventive services or solutions for an ongoing pest problem, you can count on Genie Pest Control! We offer prompt, reasonably-priced, and effective pest control and elimination services.
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