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Do you believe your property has termites? Don’t let these destructive pests damage your home, office, apartment complex, or industrial location – contact us today! Our team of reliable exterminators offers quick, efficient termite inspections with a friendly touch. We’ll be in and out before you know it. After the inspection, we’ll provide a detailed inspection report and a treatment service plan if evidence of termites is found.

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Wood-destroying insects like termites are often nearly invisible until their activity is noticeable, repairs are needed or a swarming behavior is seen. This is why scheduling a termite inspection for your home or business is essential. With a termite inspection you can understand the true state of your property.

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Any type of termite inspection - no matter how big (or small), our friendly, local exterminators will share with you the detailed results and explain the best next steps. If termites are discovered, we'll assist you in establishing a treatment plan for your unique infestation and get your pest control services scheduled quickly.

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While finding termites at your home or business is not ideal. Great news, our highly-skilled exterminators are just a call away! Using their expertise and knowledge of termites, we'll create a custom treatment just for you. With a treatment plan in action, can get back to normal, allowing a renewed feeling of peace. ​

The minute you see or suspect there might be termites in your house or office, it’s essential to get a termite inspection. 

Important FAQ About Termites In Your Area

Termite infestations can cause lasting damage to your home, but with the right know-how and proactive measures, you can reduce your risk of a termite infestation and the costly damages they can cause. Below, learn all there is to know about termites, from how to identify signs of an infestation and preventative measures you can take;

Termites are small, winged insects that vary in color from white to brownish-black, with a dark head, and have two pairs of antennae on the head to help them sense their environment. Identified by their oval-shaped bodies, six slender legs, and X-shaped wings when extended outward from their pointed abdomens – this insect is built to be mobile and consume one thing, wood! Measuring less than 1 inch in length, termites pack a punch when it comes to the damage they can cause to your home or office location in a short amount of time.
If you live in Nebraska or Iowa, multiple species of termites have likely made your region their home. Subterranean and dry wood varieties often reside in the Midwest and have wreaked havoc on all properties. As a homeowner or a resident identifying termites is one thing you can do to eliminate unexpected expenses from damages to your home.
Every city in the nation is host to at least one type of termite colony and in our area, we have the most common of varieties, the subterranean termite to contend with here in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area. These insects nest in the soil below the home and make the trek up from the ground to feast on wood in and around the home. Wood piles, siding, internal wood framing – nothing is safe once these wood-destroying insects begin their destructive work.

Once evidence of a termite infestation is able to be observed by the untrained eye, so much damage can be done that it is oftentimes too late. The visible signs of termite damage only become glaringly clear once extensive damage and full-blown infestation have already taken place.

Some of the common tell-tale signs that you may an infestation of termites eating away at the wood in and around your home include:

  • Damage that looks a bit like water damage – buckling wood, swollen floors or bubbled surfaces such as on stairways
  • Walls or furniture with apparent mazes or trails visible in the exposed woodwork
  • Mud tunnels created by termites’ saliva and feces in or around your home’s foundation
Termites are known for their destructive capabilities, leading to millions of dollars in structural damage on wooden structures and furniture each year. If left unchecked and treated, their foraging behavior can eat away at the foundation of large buildings, potentially compromising safety and leading to costly repairs. From wood rot to the complete collapse of a wooden structure, all of this can be avoided or reduced with regular termite inspections.

As professional exterminators, we know firsthand that termite infestations can be a daunting problem to tackle! If you suspect termites are wreaking havoc on your home, it’s time to act fast so you can keep your home safe and reduce any further damage caused by termites.

From identifying warning signs early on to seeking out pest control assistance – it’s crucial for homeowners in such cases to act swiftly and confidently!

Contact our pest control team today to schedule a termite inspection and treatment.

We know how stressful and uncomfortable termites can make you feel. Below, we provide three simple steps you can take;

  1. Don’t panic!
    If you notice signs of a possible infestation in your home, it’s essential to take a deep breath and take the necessary steps to eradicate them as soon as possible.

    Start by pinpointing where and what type of termites are inhabiting your space, then devise a move to step 2 below so you can provide detailed information to the Genie Pest Control team.

  2. Contact Get Pest Control
    Fill out our online form or contact us at one of our location numbers – Omaha (402) 346-7810 or Council Bluffs (712) 325-0808 – to schedule one of our friendly exterminators to come to visit your location. We will accurately assess the severity of the problem and offer customized extermination solutions.

  3. Be at peace once again

We recommend taking a deep breath and knowing that our exterminators will do everything they can to get your home once again pest-free.

Often, termites don’t just appear overnight; instead, it is a gradual process to lead to an infestation. However, once termites decide to make your home their next living area, the damage they can cause happens quickly and can become costly.

While we have found hundreds of DIY methods online, we can confidently state that none will be as effective as hiring a professional exterminator. When you have a highly skilled pest control tech on your side, you can discover ways to be proactive with pest control so the chances of you getting termites are slim to none.

If you already have termites, then one of our Genie Pest Control exterminators can help you get things taken care of quickly.

  • Every year, $5 billion dollars in damage to homes is reported because of these invasive insects.
  • Termite colonies like those found in the Omaha and Council Bluffs areas start underground and can grow to more than a million insects able to consume than 100 pounds of wood a year.
  • It only takes a crack as thin as 1/32nd of an inch (about as thick as your Visa card) for a termite to find the way into your home.
If you already have termites, chances are there is some damage that has already taken place. Catching it early is important in minimizing that damage and in halting the growth of the colony. Whether you have an active infestation, or if you just want peace of mind that your home is protected, Genie Pest Control has fully trained and licensed professionals ready to handle all of your wood destroying insect problems, from termites and wood-boring beetles to wood-decaying fungi.

Our local exterminators know that termites are tiny insects that can strike fear into the heart of homeowners. That said, being proactive is your best action plan when caring for your home and property.

Contact us today to discuss preventative measures you can take so this destructive pest has less chance of taking over your home, wooden structures, and furniture!

Is your question not listed above? Contact us today! Our knowledgeable, experienced exterminators are more than happy to provide the answers and offer thorough inspections and effective game plans for termite prevention or elimination.

Protect Your Living Space And Office with Genie Pest Control’s Expert Termite Advice

At Genie Pest Control, we understand how overwhelming it can be when facing a termite problem in your home, apartment building, restaurant, or office location. That’s why our highly skilled exterminators quickly take action regarding a termite inspection or implementing termite treatments on your property. We don’t just stop there! We arm you with necessary information regarding termites, like identifying high-risk areas or key access locations where signs may indicate a termite infestation so you can prevent these invaders. If you want to learn all things termites, browse through the termite articles listed below.

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It’s never a good situation when a new homeowner moves in to find that termites already occupy the house and that they have done some massive damage. Termite infestations are not uncommon in the Midwest. And, believe it or not, it is also not unusual for those selling a house to attempt to hide that pesky termites have become full-time residents in the home structure. Learn what you need to know about termites within this article and why our pest control experts recommend always getting a termite inspection before the final negotiations are complete!

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Pest Infestations – Common Areas To Find Termites In Your Home

Termites can wreak havoc on your Omaha or Iowa home and need to be dealt with quickly to prevent damage to your home. Chewing on the structural elements of your home, termites can cause untold damage to a property that can be extremely expensive to repair. At Genie Pest Control, our professional exterminators, specifically our termite removal experts, urge our clients to be on the lookout for termites and be proactive with keeping these destructive pests at bay.

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Are termites only destructive little pests in your mind? Well, think again! Although they can cause serious damage to your home, office, and furniture, these tiny insects are actually quite fascinating creatures. There’s so much to learn about termites, and you might be surprised by what you discover. Of course, if you do have termites in your home or office location, it’s important to act fast to avoid serious damage. Contact our team of professional termite removal experts at Genie Pest Control to protect your precious wooden structures from these curious little creatures.

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Looking for the Best Termite Inspection & Treatment Services in Omaha & Iowa?

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If you’re dealing with stubborn termites in Omaha or Iowa, look no further than Genie Pest Control. With 30 years of experience under our belt, we know exactly how to handle even the toughest termite problems in both residential and commercial settings.
Residential Services

We take care of all your termite issues with our pest control and prevention services allowing your home and living areas to be termite-free. Our experienced exterminators conduct a thorough termite inspection and provide clear, easy-to-follow steps on when and if termite treatment is necessary. Trust in our proven termite management recommendations and safe, effective pest removal solutions to protect your family and home from termites. Contact us today for a pest-free life!

Commercial Services

As a leader in termite control, Genie Pest Control offers comprehensive inspections and effective termite treatment plans for various industries, including restaurants, healthcare facilities, housing, rental units, and more. We understand the urgent need for prompt and efficient termite treatments in commercial locations. That’s why we’re committed to delivering timely and effective pest control services to ensure your business remains safe and protected. Trust our friendly exterminators to provide reliable termite solutions for your ongoing pest problems.

Property Managers

As a property manager or landlord, avoiding termite infestations is critical to maintaining the safety and satisfaction of your tenants. With our expertise and experience, Genie Pest Control can help you keep your commercial and residential properties termite-free. Our proactive approach ensures that you stand out as a reliable and responsible business committed to providing a safe and secure living or working environment for your tenants. Trust Genie Pest Control to eliminate all termites and prevent them from returning in the future.

Call us today and enjoy pest-free living for you, your family, and your company: Iowa (712) 325-0808 or Omaha (402) 346-7810.

Are termites making your home, apartment, or business location their playground?

If termites are chomping away at your peace of mind, they are also potentially creating thousands of dollars in damage to your home or office. But fear not! Our team of professional termite exterminators is here to save the day. We specialize in comprehensive termite inspections and treatments to ensure your property is termite-free. Say goodbye to those pesky termites and hello to a comfortable, pest-free living space or office. Contact us today to schedule a prompt inspection and experience first-rate pest removal services. Let us help you take back control of your space!

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